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The Role of Different Types of Conversations for Meeting Success

K. Zhou, M. Constantinides, L. M. Aiello, S. Joglekar, D. Quercia
IEEE Pervasive Computing, 2021
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Mapping the NFT revolution: market trends, trade networks, and visual features

M. Nadini, L. Alessandretti, F. Di Giacinto, M. Martino, L.M. Aiello, A. Baronchelli
Nature Scientific Reports, 2021
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How epidemic psychology works on Twitter: evolution of responses to the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S.

L.M. Aiello, D. Quercia, K. Zhou, M. Constantinides, S. Šćepanović, S. Joglekar
Nature Humanities & Social Sciences Communications, 2021
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The Healthy States of America: Creating a Health Taxonomy with Social Media

S. Šćepanović, L.M. Aiello, K. Zhou, S. Joglekar, D. Quercia
ICWSM, Online, 2021
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The Language of Situational Empathy

Ke Zhou, L.M. Aiello, S. Šćepanović, D. Quercia, S. Konrath
CSCW, Online, 2021
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