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The Parrot Dilemma: Human-Labeled vs. LLM-augmented Data in Classification Tasks

A.G. Møller, A. Pera, J.A. Dalsgaard, L.M.Aiello
EACL, Malta, 2024
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Shifting Climates: Climate Change Communication from YouTube to TikTok

A. Pera, L.M. Aiello
WebSci, Stuttgart, 2024
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The role of interface design on prompt-mediated creativity in Generative AI

M. Torricelli, M. Martino, A. Baronchelli, L.M. Aiello
WebSci, Stuttgart, 2024
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Drivers of social influence in the Twitter migration to Mastodon

L La Cava, LM Aiello, A Tagarelli
Scientific Reports, 2023
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The language of opinion change on social media under the lens of communicative action

C Monti, LM Aiello, G De Francisci Morales, F Bonchi
Nature Scientific Reports, 2022
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