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The New Urban Success: How Culture Pays

D. Hristova, L. M. Aiello, D. Quercia
Frontiers in Physics, 2018
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Hearts and Politics: Metrics for Tracking Biorhythm Changes during Brexit and Trump

L. M. Aiello, D. Quercia, E. Roitmann
ACM Digital Health, Lyon, France 2018
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Community Engagement Triage: Lightweight Prompts for Systematic Reviews

M. Dittus, L. M. Aiello, D. Quercia
CSCW, Jersey City, NJ, USA, 2017
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Beautiful and damned. Combined effect of content quality and social ties on user engagement

L. M. Aiello, R. Schifanella, M. Redi, S. Svetlichnaya, F. Liu, S. Osindero
Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, IEEE, 2017
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