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Our dreams, our selves: automatic analysis of dream reports

A. Fogli, L.M. Aiello and D. Quercia
Royal Society Open Science, 2020
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How Epidemic Psychology Works on Social Media: Evolution of responses to the COVID-19 pandemic

L.M. Aiello, D. Quercia, K. Zhou, M. Constantinides, S. Šćepanović, S. Joglekar
ArXiv, 2020
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Ten Social Dimensions of Conversations and Relationships

M. Choi, L.M. Aiello, K.Z. Varga, D. Quercia
WWW, 2020
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Tesco Grocery 1.0, a large-scale dataset of grocery purchases in London

L. M. Aiello, D. Quercia, R. Schifanella, L. Del Prete
Nature Scientific Data, 2020
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